Our Cemetery

Situated in the heart of the central valley, surrounded by rice and produce farms, the grounds of Sierra View Memorial Park have a view of the Sierra Nevada mountains and Sutter Buttes mountain range.

We are honored to have numerous community leaders, veterans of conflicts dating as far back as the Civil War, and entire families among those interred in our cemetery.

Sierra View Memorial Park opened in 1928; the first recorded burial taking place in September of that year. Our mausoleum, the only one in the area, was built in 1929. It's a fine example of hand crafted details and features stained glass windows and designs painted on the domed ceiling.

In the 1930s and '40s, many people were moved to Sierra View Memorial Park, including a large number of Catholic nuns into a section now known as Block 4.

In the Gold Rush days, the Chinese community played an important role in our area, and many Chinese individuals were cremated and interred here during that period of time. We also have a brick Chinese Funerary Burner at the cemetery, one of only about 75 known in the U.S. which was used to burn incense, photos and money in honor of the deceased and as part of their rituals and traditions.

Today, Sierra View Memorial Park offers traditional ground burials, cremations, indoor and outdoor niches, urn gardens, and an outdoor mausoleum.

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